The Brown University Charitable Trust

Since 1995, the Brown University Charitable Trust ("Trust") has been important to Brown's international fundraising efforts, providing eligible UK donors with a tax efficient vehicle for making gifts to Brown. The Trust is registered in both the UK and the US and enables those liable for UK and US tax to typically obtain tax relief in both countries for the same contribution. Gifts to the UK Trust have totaled nearly $2.8 million since 2007, with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) contributing an additional $680,000 in Gift Aid!

Details on eligibility and other FAQS, as well as the gift aid form may be found on the Brown website at

By giving through the Trust, you and Brown can take advantage of the UK tax incentives under Gift Aid, through which you get a tax deduction on your tax return and Brown receives an additional amount of "Gift Aid" from the UK, incremental to your gift.   Both parties benefit significantly by giving in this manner. In addition, the incremental proceeds from Gift Aid are added to your contribution and will be designated for the same purpose as your original gift. The Trust is the only vehicle for donations to Brown available to UK taxpayers to take advantage of these beneficial UK incentives.